Saturday, 27 August 2011

[NEW VERSION 3.0] Smooth YouTube Downloader for Windows Mobile

Smooth YouTube Downloader started as a personal project just for my personal use, then after a while I thought it might be useful to some people out there...
Basically, it allows you to download videos from YouTube (and potentially any other site) in different formats and qualities including MP3

The App was tested on Topaz (Touch Diamond 2) WVGA Windows Mobile 6.5

New V3.0 Features:

  • YouTube Feeds, for example (Most Popular, Music, This Week) etc...
  • History list of search.
  • Ability to set maximum number of simultaneous downloads, and queue the rest.
  • Ability to set the Application you want to open URLs with using an easy file dialog from the UI (Settings Page)
  • You can also set the "Default Format to download" from the UI (Settings Page)
  • Enhanced Performance

  • A working windows mobile 5, 6, 6.5
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5

  • Shows thumbnails in the search results.
  • Ability to download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Ability to pause/resume downloads after you exit and run the application again.
  • A very nice UI and cool transitions between different screens of the app.
  • Ability to expand search results.
  • Ability to choose video format/quality including mp3.
  • Improved QVGA screens support.
  • Ability to switch between full screen and normal mode.
  • Ability to copy download URL.
  • Supports keeping the device awake while downloads are running, so the WiFi connection is not lost.
  • Supports installing extensions to support any other video site.
  • Supports Themes.
  • Supports Searching/Downloading from
  • Supports Searching/Downloading from
  • Open YouTube videos with CorePlayer, TCPMP or any other application you specify.
  • Ability to Shorten URLs on Copy/Open (for using with CorePlayer which doesn't support long URLs)

Advanced Hidden Settings:
Some settings cannot be set in the UI, so you can get to those settings by editing the XML file created in the Application directory, after saving settings of the application for the first time.
To understand the options available, read the file SYTDSettings_SAMPLE.xml which you can find in the application installation directory.

ONLY for CorePlayer Users: It doesn't support long youtube URLs so to Shorten URLs on Copy/Open use the settings below:

<ShortenAssemblyFileName>\Program Files\SmoothYTDownloader\WassimK.TinyUrl.dll</ShortenAssemblyFileName>

How can you contribute:
If you're a Developer and would like to learn how to create Extensions to support sites other than YouTube, Click Here
If you'd like to learn how to create new Themes, Click Here



  1. Tested in Samsung I8000 and worked very will

    thanks to wassim khalil

  2. I'm able to connect and download with my old ipaq 214 with bluetooth tethering, but with wifi get a "connection error" message. A really useful, great looking piece of software though, thanks!

  3. @Mimoun
    Thanks mate, I appreciate it.

    @Matthew Papworth
    First, try downloading the latest version.
    I've actually encountered situations where you get "connection error" with weak wireless signal, even though you're connected, so make sure you get a strong wireless signal.
    Let me know if the problem still persists.

  4. I tested it in my Samsung omnia i8000 and it doesn't work.In Samsung omnia i900 works very good.If someone knows to tell me why doesn't work in omnia i8000 and what i can do.Thanks!!!

  5. What exactly is the error you see on Omnia i8000

  6. wont work on my samsung jack maybe over wifi im tryying to use 3g.

  7. \ProgramFiles\SmoothYTDownloader\WassimK.TinyUrl.dll
    Where can we find to change them??

  8. i am using htc p3400....the software is great...working fine....but I can't play videos in total core play...CANNOT FIND THESE ABOVE SETTINGS...pls help

  9. @Jasmeet
    This file is already included in the new version, all you need to do is add the settings highlighted blue above to your SYTDSettings.xml file found in "\Program Files\SmoothYTDownloader\"

  10. i did as u said....the total core player now shows an error "Could not open url"
    can u suggest any other player...pls give a link..or any other
    settings for tcpmp...

  11. @Jasmeet Singh
    First, make sure the files are being installed to the default directory: "\Program Files\SmoothYTDownloader\"

    You can use TCPMP, unlike coreplayer you don't need any special settings, you can remove the SYTDSettings.xml file for a clean start, and then use the UI from settings page to point to TCPMP player.

  12. oh yes!!!! really happy now....all videos now can be opened/played with core player...
    thanx wasim....i am relly thankful to u.... :) :)

  13. he tengo muchos problemas aveces se cuelga mi celu omnia 2 ... otras veces se sale solo de la aplicacion... deberias probar la aplicacion y ver cual es el problema .... creo q la anterior version era mas estable.....adios

  14. i8000
    The first start of the program - all works well.
    At the second - there is an unforeseen error.

  15. addition 29.12.11 22:43
    and in my i8000 installed microsoft net cf 3.7

  16. Tested on O2 XDA Exec and works fine. Both v2.1 and 3.0 give connection errors on downloading, but after clicking the 'start download' button 4-5 times, the download goes through fine.

    I'd like to be able to see adult videos from DailyMotion. And has anyone created a plugin for Metacafe? Thanks

  17. addition 29 December 2011 22:43 and 29 December 2011 22:46

    I have found a solution of a problem in my i8000.

    The error doesn't appear if to close the program through a window Download and Settings, if close program through a window Search at program next run there was an unforeseen error at pushing window Search and Downloads.


  18. Was working fine until 1day mp3 download stopped working, then later the when while searching started to get 'connection error'..
    using htc p3400i..

  19. Hello,
    I have a Samsung I8000 and I have this error:
    It shows lines like:
    System.Drawing.Graphics.FillRectangle(Brush brush,Int32 x, Int32 y, Int32 width, Int32 height)

    Can you tell me what's the problem please?

  20. Ah I reboot my phone and now it works well!
    Maybe a problem with Dispose() in the program? Or a bug of my Omnia II.

  21. @Franck Marcel, I'm glad it's working, but so far, all the complaints I heard were ALL about a
    "Samsung I8000"
    for some reason this phone is different to other windows mobile phones

  22. hi. tested on mitac a702 with win 6.1 - works fine)
    i haven't acces to pc for a 6 months. and not found extansions on site and web. can i ask you make one for before thanks=)
    sorry for a bad english)

  23. worked well bt now stucked wid d problem mentioned below SmoothYoutubeDownloader.exe

    at WassimK.MainForm..ctor()
    at WassimK.Program.Main()
    on o2 xda zinc wid wm6 pls help thnx in adv.

  24. Just downloaded and tested the Youtube Downloader v3. I must say its a good app. Just one small issue though...

    Any chance to select COUNTRY for FEEDS. I selected 'NEWS' and ended up with a lot of foreign videos and werent even english.

    Hope you consider it.

  25. Hi,
    Well i have downloaded your this smooth youtube downloader on my windows6 profeesional HTC Touch cruise P 3650
    I ran the software. when i downloaded the video from youtube, in download path i.e my documents/my videos, It showed the download complete.
    But when i opened my documents/my videos, it stated incomplete. and which can't be played. Would like to know that where the problems lye.
    Though since long i was searching for this type of software.

    Hope to hear from you
    Till Then

  26. at WassimK.MainForm..ctor()
    at WassimK.Program.Main()

    It was fine in the begining on htc hd2, but later had the error listed above. Can no long uding it.

  27. It used to worked ok on WM6.5 but now always shown
    at WassimK.MainForm..ctor()
    at WassimK.Program.Main()

    Anyone has this problem, please help, thank you.

  28. I apologize if the app is not working on your device, but I no longer support it.
    The only think I recommend you try is to update the .Net CF on your phone to v3.5

  29. Thanks so much for your program, but have a question.
    When downloading files from youtube, you can only format MP3???
    Yesterday it was still OK.

  30. not getting the mp4 option to download

  31. not getting the option to download I have the HTC HD2

  32. same mp4 problem on HD2..some new YT protection?

  33. Youtube video gives only mp3 option and no other option

  34. Because of some protection YouTube added around middle of September.
    Author said there was no support aymore.However I strongly hope the author rereleases new version.

  35. To install free youtube downloader,check 64Mb of RAM,Adobe Flash Palyer 9+,Windows XP/Vista/7,Intearnet Explorer 6.0 or higher,Intel pentium233Mhz.
    Increase Youtube Views

    1. Thanks for your advice.But it relate to desk top PC not to Windows Moble.

  36. Please release a new version to make this amazing application work again, please Wassim.

  37. I installed in my HTC Touch hd.But problem Is there is no MP4 OR 720P Optoin when going to download.Only mp3 is available.Please Fix This

  38. assalamualaikum
    new version please
    bring this device back to life

  39. Seriously, an amazingly useful application Wassim!! It would be greatly appreciated if you could do something to get it back up and running again. Thanks!!

  40. there is no option viewing for video downloads only mp3 download option is available and its not even working..plz fix it..thank you.

  41. its not workin on my winmo device anymore....
    any help is appriciated....

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Continue without working.
    I have an HTC Touch Pro 2 and this was the only one who works on my device, getytv and WVD do not work long ago.
    Smooth Youtube Downloader was the best to download videos directly to the mobile from Youtube, but seems like it do not work anymore.

  44. Hi Wassim Please build us an updated version for new youTube vids since 3.0 no longer works. And my friend if you can make it a stand alone player as well. Most willing to pay for the said software. Kind regards Mark

  45. connection error when search video in htc touch hd in smooth youtube downloader.

  46. Hi i need this windows youtube donwloader for My Mobile.But I dont know how to install that in my mobile???

    Increase Youtube Views


  48. install smoooth yutbe dwnlder and then .net CF 3.5 in ur mob through pc. and restart mob. and ennjooy

  49. install smoooth yutbe dwnlder and then .net CF 3.5 in ur mob through pc. and restart mob. and ennjooy

  50. Found a solution: Happy New Year!!!

  51. I found the same solution from the same guy here:
    But I don't understand where the folders are that the files go in and I don't understand how to change the numeric part.

  52. it worked...all formats are available for download...thanks alot

  53. it installed well, but when i try to download a video it shows only the option to download it in mp3 and that also doesn't work. it shows "error:can't download video"

  54. sir here its search but in tap of formet
    there is only mp3 formet not any othere video formet now what can i do to download please help me

  55. I have the same like devansh and Mukhtar on WM6.5 HTC HD2, old version work properly. Can you help us?

  56. pork ahora cuando pongo descargar un video.... solo sale la opcion mp3 para descargarlo

  57. youtube downloader PRO full crack new download link

  58. vida gringo. is this really for wm6.x? is that really work? gonna download it

  59. sir,
    in my htc hd2 windows 6.5 phone,it is not downloading any videos,saying "cannot download" have 3g and good signal, then why?
    pl advice

  60. i installed this smooth youtube downloader in my acer beTouch E200 which was windows 6 , but it wa. showing only mp3 format and ther. is no mp4 or 720p, pl. fix this

  61. I have a Samsung SCH-I920 using WM6.5 and I still love this phone (second one in fact). I downloaded V3.0 and also ran into the problem of the only format showing for downloading is mp3. Now, in version 2.1 which I also have, it works fine and shows the 360p mp4 option. Will be reinstalling the 2.1 version, but the 3.0 is so much improved. Any fix would be appreciated greatly.

  62. You've been able to download individual transcoded videos from your YouTube Video Manager. But starting today, you also have a more efficient way to download your videos from YouTube. With Google Takeout, you can download all of the original videos that you have uploaded in a few simple clicks.

  63. I also had my own Youtube to Mp3 experiment =)
    And i found 4 that converts in less than a minute ;p

    You were generous to share about this too. Thanks!

  64. very informative article. but do you have something like this for android phones? i would love to read and share if you have. thanks!

  65. @social media specialist, thanks but I'm afraid not, maybe in the future if I get some free time

  66. dear wasim very gr8 software ...but since months me too getting same problem ..only mp3 and that too many times its says download advice..hthd2

  67. hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
    thanks for sharing :)

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  70. Hi Wassim
    I'm download for my HTC TYTN II Window Mobile PPC 2003
    but the problem it cannot download the file
    how to resolve it?

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